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Toddler Health & Safety
Latest Article:Toddler Bath Time Activity Ideas
 In the first few months of life a bath can be a soothing and relaxing time for parents and baby. As your baby grows he will start loving splashing and playing around in the bath. Once your toddler gets bored of splashing, you will need toys or activities to keep your toddler content in the bath.

You can easily keep your toddler happy in the bath by having a wide range of bath toys available to play with. If you or your toddler is getting bored during bath time try one of our fun and educational bath time activities to make this routine event a little more interesting. Toddlers can dislike having a bath for a range of reasons, they may be scared of the plug or hate having their hair washed. These activities may make your toddler feel more relaxed and able to enjoy a bath again.

1. Freeze a small bath toy in a plastic cup of water, peel off the cup and watch the ice melt in the bath.

2. Add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water to have a colorful and fun bath. When your toddler is old enough she can choose the bath color, siblings can have fun negotiating the color they would like each day.

3. Get a shower pump for the bath, this can be suctioned to the side of the bath, when your toddler pushes the pump, bath water is sucked up and pumped out of the shower head.

4. Use a small washer to wash each part of your baby’s body, name each part as you do. On different days use a different textured washer such as a sponge so that your baby can experience different textures.

5. From birth get your baby use to having water splashed on his face, take him in the shower with you occasionally, this will help with washing hair and swimming later in life

6. Put a number of small bath toys in the water and give your child a net to catch them with.

7. The traditional plastic duck is always fun to watch float and squirt in the bath so make sure you have a few ducks to play with.

8. Bath books are great to distract your baby if she gets upset in the bath.

9. Pouring water out of a plastic cup from a height can keep children fascinated.

10. If your child does not like washing his hair let him wear goggles or a swimming mask to stop shampoo getting in his eyes.

11. If your child is a little fearful of taking the plug out, make crazy noises before and during the process to make the experience fun.

12. At the end of the bath get your baby to use a cup and fill a bucket with water. After the bath go outside and water the garden with the bucket of water. You will be setting a good example to your child by reusing the water.

13. Give your toddler a straw and get her to blow bubbles in the water.

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Home Safety Guidelines for Seniors

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Seniors Home Safety GuidelinesAging at home has been one of the most popular choices among seniors today. This is the reason why home safety should be a top priority to prevent injuries from happening.Bookmark and Share

In This Article:

Home Safety Tips
Bedroom Safety Reminders
Bathroom Safety Guidelines

As people grow older, the danger of falling becomes more and more serious as it may cause injuries that may pose serious health risks. Studies show that falls are the most common cause of fatal injury in people 65 years and older, therefore proper safety measures at home should be implemented.

Here are some tips and reminders on how to senior-proof your home.

 Entire house

  • Be sure that the floors are not slippery
  • Put items you use on a regular basis within reach to avoid using stepladders and stools
  • Remove scatter mats or make sure to tape it to the floor
  • Clear all pathways and make sure there are no tripping hazards
  • Make sure that all furniture is sturdy
  • Arrange furniture accordingly to make sure that you have enough space to move around
  • Do not use slippery wax on floors
  • All areas need to be well lit
  • Stairs should have non-slip surface and handrails on both sides



  • There should be a phone within reach for emergency purposes
  • Lamps are easily reached
  • Put flashlights in every room in case the power goes off


  • Use rubber mats
  • Install grab bars in the tub and toilet areas
  • Be sure that signs for hot and cold water are readable
  • Put rugs with non-skid backings
  • Keep a night light on every time
  • Set the maximum water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the risk of scalding
  • Install hand-held shower heads should you need to sit while taking a bath
  • Do not use bath oils

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